“It is innovation’s biggest paradox: We demand more and more from the stuff in our lives — more features, more function, more power — and yet we also demand that it be easy to use. And, in an Escher-like twist, the technology that’s simplest to use is also, often, the most difficult to create.” – FastCompany

Web Usability

Web usability means designing for your visitors instead of for yourself or your client. A site that conforms to user expectations makes visitors more comfortable and more apt to visit again and recommend the site to their friends. Good usability is critical to your site’s success. At UX Design Group, we offer the following Web Usability services:

Usability Testing

Using the think aloud protocol, we record your targeted users interacting with your site during usability testing. We then use this invaluable feedback to create a plan to increase your site’s usability, and overall user experience.

To put it simply, including usability testing from the very beginning of the development cycle, and through every phase of the project, will eliminate redevelopment during the final crunch.

Expert Review

UX Design Group’s Usability Review provides an analysis of your Website, Web application, or Intranet to correct any usability principle violations found in the current design. The result is a redesign solution that leads to an enhanced user experience.

What you will get:

  1. A site walk-through by a certified UX expert
  2. A written report of showstoppers found
  3. Design feedback to enhance your site
  4. A strategic, user-focused redesign plan

UX Design Process